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Real Estate

Whether a first time home buyer or seasoned vet, I can tailor my services to meet your goals. For business clients, real estate is a critical part of their operations, from leasing a small retail storefront or an industrial complex that is tens of thousands of square feet; to managing a range of leases for an entire shopping center or office building. In any case, I am always excited to help clients with deals that are important to their personal or business life.


Does your covenant have the horizontal privity necessary to run with the land? Is that an easement by prescription or adverse possession? Did you convey a fee simple estate when you only meant to convey a life estate? Does any of this make sense? Property law is the oldest, and often most underappreciated, system of law in our society, it forms the basis for much of the law you see today. I can help maximize and protect the value of your investment by helping understand what you own and the rights and duties related to your property.

Business/Corporate/Commercial Transactions

Small businesses often do not have the luxury of an in-house counsel or the means to pay high hourly rates just to have a lawyer help them through a tough decision. Managing and mitigating risk and uncertainty is not reserved exclusively for big companies with big budgets. I will work with you to find a level of service that lets you confidently conduct business.


Advising & Consulting

It’s your deal and you’re driving the wagon train. But once in a while, you need someone riding shotgun who can look down at the map, or keep away those pesky bandits. Full legal representation is not always the best solution, sometimes you need a person to bounce ideas off and help identify risks. We can design a program that gets you from decision to action without ridiculous hourly rates.


When it is time to put your deal onto paper, you want a document that captures all the critical terms so that you know what you are getting with minimal uncertainty. I can help you define the parameters of your deal so that you understand how the deal will work and have confidence that potential threats are accounted for.

Small Business Corporate Services

Tailored to meet your businesses budget and needs, these services provide certain formalities that are critical to the long-term prosperity and security of your business, but are often overlooked in the moment.

Legal Representation/Dispute Management

There is the courtroom, and then there is everything that led you to that point. I focus on the 90+% of issues that occur outside of the court system and use strategic thinking to help clients resolve their issues without the cost and uncertainty of going to trial.

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To schedule a consultation with Todd M. Miller, Attorney at Law, call 360-356-7823 or fill out my online contact form.

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